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Provides silky skin and long-lasting hydration

Protective moisturizing cream that prevents signs of premature skin aging

Skin type: normal, dehydrated, dry and combination

Strengthens the outermost layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) by creating a barrier that protects the skin from harmful environmental factors, free radicals, photoaging and oxidative stress

• Preserves and stabilizes the hydrolipidic film to retain water and moisture in the skin and prevent dehydration

• Preventsprematureskinaging

• Restores balance, suppleness and elasticity to the skin

• Tones, softens and revitalizes the skin

• Makes the skin soft and smooth

• Regenerates, increases moisture levels and hydrates the skin

• Provides comfort and soothes dry skin

Hydra Derm

SKU: 0830691001242
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